Change Comes In Many Forms…

…and all the time. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad. The lesson I am currently learning is that when things happen I should take note and see how I can grow from it. How can this make me more aware, better, smarter, more understanding.
A friend of mine lost her fight against cancer this weekend. She was a bright light in a grimy city. She had a positive energy that rubbed off on everyone and I learned a lot from her. Even now I am learning from her. I’m learning not to take things for granted. To look to the further but not lose sight of now. To take the time to appreciate my surroundings no matter where I am. I’m learning to find the amazing in everything. I hope you can find this too.


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The Importance of Being Wrong

Life lessons don’t come easily to me. When they happen it is usually when I’m spouting my mouth off about something I don’t actually know all that much about. Life used to be very black and white. I think I get this from my parents who as far as I can tell, have an answer or opinion about everything. They aren’t overly pushy or know-it-all’s but they just naturally have an opinion or answer. I mean for every little thing.
I, more than my siblings, inherited this little trait at a young age. At a not so young age I learned a thing or two about what happens when you have an opinion about something you have no business talking about.
For instance, when I was a freshman in high school, my best friend got in a bit of trouble doing some very adult things with her boyfriend when her parents happened to walk in. After he was booted from the house and she was grounded with no phone for the rest of her life, she cried for about three days straight. Finally her mom, not knowing what to do, called me and asked if I could come over and help calm her down.
Naturally I went over and held her and told her it would be okay. I have to admit that I didn’t know much about consoling someone. I don’t come from a huggy, touchy-feeling family. I promised to call the boyfriend and make sure he was okay; I promised I wouldn’t tell everyone the details, etc, etc. As I was leaving and she was upstairs still crying in bed, I stepped outside with her mom and my dad since he was picking me up. We were talking about how she won’t stop crying and what could be done to make it stop. I then proclaimed that, “I will never cry over a boyfriend.” I said it with a mocking tone of voice indicating my friend was one of those girls who was ruled by love and lust and never used her head. Such things were preposterous to me. Never would a man be so dear to me that I would spend multiple days crying. I wasn’t being very fair to my friend that day.
I maintained that opinion through high school and into college. That is, until my boyfriend of five years and I broke up. Not so suddenly, but still painfully. I cried. I cried at night when nobody could see it. I was ashamed to go back and cry over a man. A man of all things. Men were for enjoyment, amusement, and to open jars and kill spiders. I didn’t understand why I was so emotional. I wasn’t dying. My family was safe and well.
Then it hit me.
I knew nothing of love on that day freshman year. I didn’t understand what could happen when another person holds your heart. So eight years after my declaration I was handed a nice helping of crow.
I think this applies to anything you feel strongly about. Politics, money, other people’s relationships. Until you’ve had a similar experience or understand and see the other side clearly, you will never know why people say or react to things differently than you do. Show some compassion for someone who may make a bold statement you don’t agree with. I’m not saying you shouldn’t argue your case, but have some decent facts to back yourself up. I for one still step in a nice pile everyone in awhile. I get passionate and sometimes forget to see the other side of the coin before my rash judgments. I think that is human nature. But if you take anything away from today’s blog post, and yes it’s a bit longer than most, then take the knowledge that what may seem impossible or downright stupid to you now, could be something you understand tomorrow, or the next day, or ten years from now. Happy Thursday everyone.

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…Sometimes its better to stay out of it. Life lesson of the day.

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