There is something so lovely…

…in the way a woman dances.


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When All the Blogs are Read…

…I feel a sense of panic. You mean I actually have to do work? There are no more fun and exciting sites I should look at? No new news to read up on? Nothing I’m missing out on?
What do you read when all of your favorite haunts have been visited? I’m a desperate woman!

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The Importance of Being Wrong

Life lessons don’t come easily to me. When they happen it is usually when I’m spouting my mouth off about something I don’t actually know all that much about. Life used to be very black and white. I think I get this from my parents who as far as I can tell, have an answer or opinion about everything. They aren’t overly pushy or know-it-all’s but they just naturally have an opinion or answer. I mean for every little thing.
I, more than my siblings, inherited this little trait at a young age. At a not so young age I learned a thing or two about what happens when you have an opinion about something you have no business talking about.
For instance, when I was a freshman in high school, my best friend got in a bit of trouble doing some very adult things with her boyfriend when her parents happened to walk in. After he was booted from the house and she was grounded with no phone for the rest of her life, she cried for about three days straight. Finally her mom, not knowing what to do, called me and asked if I could come over and help calm her down.
Naturally I went over and held her and told her it would be okay. I have to admit that I didn’t know much about consoling someone. I don’t come from a huggy, touchy-feeling family. I promised to call the boyfriend and make sure he was okay; I promised I wouldn’t tell everyone the details, etc, etc. As I was leaving and she was upstairs still crying in bed, I stepped outside with her mom and my dad since he was picking me up. We were talking about how she won’t stop crying and what could be done to make it stop. I then proclaimed that, “I will never cry over a boyfriend.” I said it with a mocking tone of voice indicating my friend was one of those girls who was ruled by love and lust and never used her head. Such things were preposterous to me. Never would a man be so dear to me that I would spend multiple days crying. I wasn’t being very fair to my friend that day.
I maintained that opinion through high school and into college. That is, until my boyfriend of five years and I broke up. Not so suddenly, but still painfully. I cried. I cried at night when nobody could see it. I was ashamed to go back and cry over a man. A man of all things. Men were for enjoyment, amusement, and to open jars and kill spiders. I didn’t understand why I was so emotional. I wasn’t dying. My family was safe and well.
Then it hit me.
I knew nothing of love on that day freshman year. I didn’t understand what could happen when another person holds your heart. So eight years after my declaration I was handed a nice helping of crow.
I think this applies to anything you feel strongly about. Politics, money, other people’s relationships. Until you’ve had a similar experience or understand and see the other side clearly, you will never know why people say or react to things differently than you do. Show some compassion for someone who may make a bold statement you don’t agree with. I’m not saying you shouldn’t argue your case, but have some decent facts to back yourself up. I for one still step in a nice pile everyone in awhile. I get passionate and sometimes forget to see the other side of the coin before my rash judgments. I think that is human nature. But if you take anything away from today’s blog post, and yes it’s a bit longer than most, then take the knowledge that what may seem impossible or downright stupid to you now, could be something you understand tomorrow, or the next day, or ten years from now. Happy Thursday everyone.

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I Feel Pretty! Oh So Pretty!…

…and kind of shopped out. Shhhh! Don’t tell the boyfriend I said that 😉 JUST KIDDING!
Could I ever truly be shopped out when there are so many beautiful things out there for just the right occasion? I like to look more than buy but that didn’t stop me from picking up a couple of dresses at my new favorite place to shop. has super cute clothes that are a lot like’s. If you are looking for a new cute place to find inexpensive clothes these are the places for you. Enjoy!

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Shoes, Shoes Beautiful Shoes

I’m on a quest for the perfect shoe. So is every other woman right? My options are open to just about anything (minus budget restraints) so my options feel endless. Except I don’t want any old shoe. I want the perfect shoe. The picture above is not the perfect shoe but it made me literally laugh out loud when I saw it. Who wears stuff like this! They’d go perfect with a cute sundress right? I kid I kid. Happy Tuesday loveys!

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Grow Up to be What?

Have you ever stood in front of the candy isle at a drug store? Just walking back and forth trying to make the right selection? I think career planning is very similar. Let me explain.
While in elementary school adults tell you to do your best and study hard because it will pay off when you are older. While in middle school they tell you to not to let your peers drag you down and to persevere through your own awkwardness. While in high school they tell you to find a passion and go with it. Then they tell you to pick a major. Hmm…a major. Something I will study intensely for four years. Something that will help define what kind of job I get. So what do we do? We pick the subject that we excelled at in high school. For me, this was English. I loved to read so it seemed like a natural step. I worked hard, I studied. As college came to a close I was told to follow my passion but to make some money doing it. Who is going to pay me to sit around and read then regurgitate what I just absorbed? Answer? Nobody outside of the academic world.
Now let’s fast forward. I am in my middle (to late) twenties. I am back to pacing the candy isle but this time I have anxiety about which to choose. It’s not as simple as it once was. If I choose sour patch kids will this set me up to support all of the kids it supplies? Will benefits be involved? What about bonus’? If I choose good old reliable snickers will I feel as if I’ve settled and sold out to have a steady income and security? Can’t I have both? Can’t I just choose it all? WHAT AM I GOING T O DO? (This is the point where I pace faster and faster with a manic look in my eyes. I’m scaring the small children around me, the clerk is worried he’s going to have to call the cops. I’m lost.)
I realize life is full of tough choices. I also realize certain doors are closed because I lack the interest and knowledge to ever pursue them. I don’t want to become a lawyer or doctor. Some options are still open but supply such a low pay scale I’m better off getting a part time job at Starbucks (at least they have benefits…)
So my thoughts today are this, how do you actually chose the right career? What is it that propels you to the next step? I understand it is hard work and dedication, but doesn’t that happen after you’ve made up your mind to pursue something? I’ve been told to follow my heart or my interest, but don’t they know that my interests change at a whim? I change hobbies like I change shirts.
So please, next time someone comes to you and says, “How do I know what to be when I grow up?” Don’t tell them to follow their heart, tell them to find something they enjoy doing enough that you don’t hate doing it every day. Help them experience many things so they can make an educated decision to pursue or not pursue. Tell them to try new things, even things they thought they for sure would hate. I’m in this stage right now, bouncing from idea to idea. I feel like I have multiple personalities. I’m ready for the adventure, I just have to guide myself toward what kind of adventure awaits me I guess.

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…Sometimes its better to stay out of it. Life lesson of the day.

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Baby, Baby, Baby

And I don’t mean the Justin Bieber song. Lately it seems that there is something in the water. People are either giving birth, just gave birth, or finding out they will soon be giving birth left and right. Should the rest of us be concerned? Should we stop drinking the water? Hop backwards after sex? Stand on our heads? I can’t help but have mixed feelings about this new and yes, exciting new turn of events. Let me explain.
So this is a good turn of events for me. I can moon over the ruffle panties for girls or the I LOVE DADDY bibs. However it is kicking dust in my eyes and making me wonder what kind of a mother I would be. Would I be the mother who insists on pure organic materials as well as natural childbirth? OR will I take the approach my grandmother took where kids will get dirty, hurt, and cry…deal with it. It seems everyone wants to chime in on how to raise your child. If you dye your hair you are all of a sudden an unfit and reckless mother. I think soon-to-be-mom just doesn’t want her roots to show. No caffeine? I hear the hormones are already crazy why cut out the one thing that makes you feel normal when studies can’t prove caffeine actually has any effect on your growing bun in the oven?
I know I am of marriageable/childbearing age, but with all of the how-to’s and unsolicited advice, do I truly want to go there? I ask myself these things as I stroll through Baby’s r us and wonder how someone so tiny could possibly need all of these things. I then come to the clothes my heart literally sighs. Yes, I do want kids. No I don’t want strangers touching my pregnant belly or people talking to me about their childbearing horror stories. But I do want to experience the joys of watching my son or daughter experience all of the beautiful things life ha s to offer.
So here is a bit of unsolicited advice for all of you mothers-to-be, don’t listen to just anyone. Call your mother, your grandmother, your aunts, and your doctor. Ask the people who seem to be doing things the way you want to do them. As for everyone else? Just smile and nod and day dream about how your kid can and possibly will be cooler than theirs. It’s the simple things in life folks.

Photo credit: Jennifer Nace

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Disney Movies and Pie…

…are two things I see in my foreseeable future. I am craving Disney magic right around now. I’m gearing up for my first half-marathon in where? DISNEYLAND!!! Holy Moly! And lately pie has been slowly creeping back into my life. I’m upset about this at all. In fact I welcome it with open arms. What are you craving this lovely summer day?

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