Being Sick Sucks


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…are not my favorite day.

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Workitis: Formerly Known as Senioritis

I can’t seem to focus on work to save my life today. I’ve read the news, I’ve searched my favorite blogs, I’ve visited my work friends. Now what do I do!?! Friday is upon us and I am stuck inside at a cubicle.
Once upon a time, when I was in high school and this feeling of boredom and restlessness (Senioritis) would set in, I would go to the beach. I would sign myself out (sorry mom) and drive down to the beach and veg out. I’d people watch and read a book. I’d go swimming, maybe some napping.
Now, I’m a responsible adult.
I want to go back to the easy days of no real responsibility or care. Instead.
I’m stuck with Workitis.

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There is something so lovely…

…in the way a woman dances.

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When All the Blogs are Read…

…I feel a sense of panic. You mean I actually have to do work? There are no more fun and exciting sites I should look at? No new news to read up on? Nothing I’m missing out on?
What do you read when all of your favorite haunts have been visited? I’m a desperate woman!

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I Feel Pretty! Oh So Pretty!…

…and kind of shopped out. Shhhh! Don’t tell the boyfriend I said that 😉 JUST KIDDING!
Could I ever truly be shopped out when there are so many beautiful things out there for just the right occasion? I like to look more than buy but that didn’t stop me from picking up a couple of dresses at my new favorite place to shop. has super cute clothes that are a lot like’s. If you are looking for a new cute place to find inexpensive clothes these are the places for you. Enjoy!

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Shoes, Shoes Beautiful Shoes

I’m on a quest for the perfect shoe. So is every other woman right? My options are open to just about anything (minus budget restraints) so my options feel endless. Except I don’t want any old shoe. I want the perfect shoe. The picture above is not the perfect shoe but it made me literally laugh out loud when I saw it. Who wears stuff like this! They’d go perfect with a cute sundress right? I kid I kid. Happy Tuesday loveys!

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Baby, Baby, Baby

And I don’t mean the Justin Bieber song. Lately it seems that there is something in the water. People are either giving birth, just gave birth, or finding out they will soon be giving birth left and right. Should the rest of us be concerned? Should we stop drinking the water? Hop backwards after sex? Stand on our heads? I can’t help but have mixed feelings about this new and yes, exciting new turn of events. Let me explain.
So this is a good turn of events for me. I can moon over the ruffle panties for girls or the I LOVE DADDY bibs. However it is kicking dust in my eyes and making me wonder what kind of a mother I would be. Would I be the mother who insists on pure organic materials as well as natural childbirth? OR will I take the approach my grandmother took where kids will get dirty, hurt, and cry…deal with it. It seems everyone wants to chime in on how to raise your child. If you dye your hair you are all of a sudden an unfit and reckless mother. I think soon-to-be-mom just doesn’t want her roots to show. No caffeine? I hear the hormones are already crazy why cut out the one thing that makes you feel normal when studies can’t prove caffeine actually has any effect on your growing bun in the oven?
I know I am of marriageable/childbearing age, but with all of the how-to’s and unsolicited advice, do I truly want to go there? I ask myself these things as I stroll through Baby’s r us and wonder how someone so tiny could possibly need all of these things. I then come to the clothes my heart literally sighs. Yes, I do want kids. No I don’t want strangers touching my pregnant belly or people talking to me about their childbearing horror stories. But I do want to experience the joys of watching my son or daughter experience all of the beautiful things life ha s to offer.
So here is a bit of unsolicited advice for all of you mothers-to-be, don’t listen to just anyone. Call your mother, your grandmother, your aunts, and your doctor. Ask the people who seem to be doing things the way you want to do them. As for everyone else? Just smile and nod and day dream about how your kid can and possibly will be cooler than theirs. It’s the simple things in life folks.

Photo credit: Jennifer Nace

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Disney Movies and Pie…

…are two things I see in my foreseeable future. I am craving Disney magic right around now. I’m gearing up for my first half-marathon in where? DISNEYLAND!!! Holy Moly! And lately pie has been slowly creeping back into my life. I’m upset about this at all. In fact I welcome it with open arms. What are you craving this lovely summer day?

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