I Have Deep Thoughts…

…at the gym. I always have these marvelous thoughts at the gym. How I’m going to better my life and the world around me. Then I get home, shower, and as the sweat circles the drain so goes my amazing revelations. I feel like Pooh Bear tapping the side of my head deep in thought as I write this. “Thinking…Thinking…” Those thoughts are gone. I guess that’s just another reason to go back to the gym. Those thoughts might still be there. Probably some place between the elliptical and free weights.


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Just This Side of Crazy

Nobody is surprised that Charlie Sheen has fallen off the wagon and skidded into Crazyville. In fact, he’s been a regular patron for quite some time. So why may I ask, is this news? Recently Charlie Sheen has been all over the news running his mouth and saying lord knows what. Are we really surprised and more importantly, why is this headline news? This was in evening news, national news, and a topic on every late night and early morning show.
I can’t be the only one who thinks there are more important or interesting stories out there. Not only is this not new or good news, why is this any of our business? He tested clean for drugs so we assume he’s not using and should be functional enough to take care of himself. He’s got nannies with the kids and is vocal about getting the show back on the air. People are concerned about all of the people who his binge may have effected, well, let them take care of it. You don’t see national headlines when an average person falls of the wagon. You don’t see everyday people going on the record to set the facts straight. You know why? This is their business. I don’t need to know what a day in the life of Charlie Sheen is like. I really don’t care. So please, please stop running footage of what he is saying and to whom. Move on. The public sure as heck has.

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How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Sometimes the intentions are good but the execution is poor. We’ve all had this happen. Usually it’s because you got in your own way. Life can be difficult and complicated but sometimes when you push aside the “difficult” you find the simple exposed and waiting and pure.
Sometimes it truly is difficult to see the forest from the trees. It can be overwhelming and discouraging, but those are the times that you need to step back and ask yourself, “what am I doing this for?” If you don’t know, maybe it isn’t the time to go for it. Maybe its time to reassess and just concentrate on the simple for a while. Pick one goal and put your all into it. Otherwise, everything in your life suffers and often the ones you love the most end up feeling neglected and hurt.
So get out of your own way today. Take stalk of what your goals are and how you are reaching them. Otherwise, you may be going down a bumpy, ugly, lonely path.

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Some People Are Never Happy

Or they are simply happy being unhappy. Either way it is hard to be around these people. I know that at times I can be a Negative Nancy. I know that it is incredibly hard to pull your self up by your boot straps and keep going, but it still must be done.
There is a woman that I work with that is going through some hard times right now. Her kid is driving her crazy, she’s always worried about money, and lets face it…she doesn’t exactly love coming into work. That being said, being shrouded in her negativity has done something profound to me. It’s made me a more positive person.
I now see that I have a powerful tool to make myself happy and that tool is me. (I’m not a tool I’m just saying metaphorically…oh never mind…) Regardless. I need to be my own champion. I need to put myself out there. I need to see the good and the light and not the dark and gloomy.
I believe that people are put in our paths in life to teach us a lesson or help us through a difficult time. I believe this person was put in my path to give me the kick in the butt that I need to realize my dreams. I need to start working on me and what truly makes me happy. So thank you Disgruntled Co-Worker for being so miserable these last few weeks. You gave me the boost I needed. I hope I can do the same for you sometime soon.
What makes you happiest? and are you doing enough to make it happen? Get out there and live it. You never know what could be waiting around the next corner.

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And When I Grow Up…

…I’ll be a billionaire! Or maybe not. Remember when you were a little boy or girl and you used to fantasize about your life as a grown up? Do you remember spending all day on your Grandma’s tire swing pretending you were a famous singer? Well maybe that was just me…but nevertheless I’m sure you remember wanting big magical things for yourself.
I still want big magical things for myself.
Now I just have to figure out where that mysterious life path is and follow it. I feel like Little Red Ridding Hood without a flashlight or a compass and instead of the Big Bad Wolf on my heals its self doubt and monthly bills.
I’m a bit lost, a little scared, and a lot poor. I am apparently your typical American. Go figure.
So this is an open question to those of you who have found the dream, who are happy and content in the career/life that you’ve chosen. How did you know? What did you do? How did you figure out the age-old question of “what do I want to be when I grow up”? I’m serious. I want to know. I thought I knew, maybe I still do, maybe I’m just impatient? I’m thinking I need to just close my eyes and pick the name out of a hat and go with it. Career by Ouija Board…

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Random Friday

So I’m going to start Random Friday’s since my brain during this time is like a spastic two-year old. I’m all over the place. So here’s the run down on today’s randomness.
I went to the library like I do every three weeks to get books and audio books (I listen to them on my 45 minute one way commute- don’t judge.) While I was there this week I was actually pretty disappointed in the selection. So instead of getting any new audio books I grabbed a few CD’s. Mainly musicals I can sing along to and in the mix was Evita.
The Madonna version.
When this movie came out I was in junior high and fell madly in love with the drama of it and how a nation could love anyone so completely (with the few exceptions…) Anyway, so I’ve been listening to this CD for the last couple of days and of course it got me curious about the real Eva Paron so what do I do? I wikipedia her! Dude, her corps was moved a bunch of times and viewed to the public far more than necessary in my opinion. Anyway, I found this fascinating and wanted to share. Feeling the need to watch Evita sometime soon…Gotta love me some Antonio Banderas!

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All of a Sudden I was Surrounded by Spandex and Boobs…

So last night at the gym I was pumping away on the elliptical, listening to Blink 182 (yeah yeah I know…) when I suddenly came out of a fog of work out resentment to find myself (dun-dun-dun…) surrounded by little girls in spandex! I am not what you would call a big girl, but I am in no way considered a little girl. I love my curves and the “meat on my bones” but I do have my insecurities. These were beautiful sculpted women! One of which had boobs to die for. Ladies I know you know what I’m talking about. We all check out other girls. It’s what we do. News flash guys, we appreciate a nice rack like all of you!
Anyway, I found myself even more motivated then I was before. Gone was the resentment being at the gym while Boyfriend was home all alone. I was transformed into Motivation Girl! I wanted to tighten up and loose that offensive little paunch that sticks out when I bend down, sit down, or well do anything at the moment…
I wanted to be this radiating beauty that these healthy young ladies were representative of. I want to join your club! The club where healthy women hang out and feel strong and empowered while embracing their differences. (la la land perhaps?) Whatever! Jump me into your gang!
So instead of letting my insecurities get the better of me I rechanneled them to my benefit. I’ll be back at the YMCA this evening equally as motivated as my veteran workout guru’s!

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I Do! You Do? I’ll be there too!

I have weddings on the brain. Not only am I attending a wedding in only a short couple of weeks but I have also been given the honor to be Main of Honor to one of my best friends.
Naturally this has me thinking about my own imaginary wedding. Gossamer, tea lights, soft kisses, too much food and a LOT of dancing. Anyway, this isn’t about me…
So I’ve been perusing wedding blogs, sites, books, and magazines thinking about how to help my dear friend plan and I’ve come to one simple conclusion. Weddings are a whole lotta work my friend!
There are so many decisions to make, so many options to chose from. As overwhelming as it all looks, it most importantly looks like a blast.
So if you know anyone about to get married or just starting the wedding process, next time you see them. Hug them, tell them they are amazing and remember one simple thing. Wear comfortable shoes because all of you are in for a wild adventure!

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Bouquet of Sharpened Pencils

Fall is approaching and school is in! Many students shuffled into school today sporting new clothes, backpacks and pencil boxes. Most of my friends LOVED back to school shopping for clothes and shoes, and as we got older, makeup! I on the other hand, loved one thing above everything…the school supplies! I could and have spent hours cruising the paper, pencil and notebook isles in places like Staples and Target in hopes of finding the perfect 5-Star notebook that would inspire me to finally do my homework…Sorry Ms. Murray for assignments not turned in…
Back to the subject at hand. I recently went to Target to pick up very adult things, like toothpaste and toilet paper, when I came across the back to school section. It was swarming with kids of various ages searching for the coolest and best school supplies for the season. Yes, the basics are the same, but they change in looks every year. So I wandered the isles dodging teenagers and adolescents of all ages and couldn’t help reminisce about my own school days.
We all remember the embarrassing moments, like falling on the bleachers my freshman year in front of the seniors. We remember the bad times, like losing classmates to driving accidents, skiing accidents, and sadly to drug overdoses. Mostly I try to remember the good times. Like throwing a party to celebrate senior year with virtually our ENTIRE SENIOR CLASS! Or going to football games, not to watch the game, but to eat the candy and pizza…okay maybe that was just me. Regardless, we all remember our school days here and there and so I ask you to take a moment, think of a memory worth remembering then contact the person/people who experienced it with you. Come on guys, in the age of Facebook I think we all have access to these people.
I wish all new students a stellar start to an amazing year and to all freshman…don’t touch the hand rails they are covered in Vaseline…

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Sheep Rides Aren’t Easy

This weekend was amazing. I love spending time with my family. I am truly blessed. That said the Rodeo with my family was even better. We’ve never been to a Rodeo. I’ve seen them on TV. (Wow, I sound like I’m from the bay area now…) Anyway, the earthy patriotic feeling I had while enjoying the Rodeo is something I would defiantly like to repeat in my life. Watching the cowboys rope the little calves was a little hard for me to stomach at first but once the rules were revealed to me I started to kind of get into it. Like any other sporting event that I don’t fully understand it had an exciting sense of alieness that’s both exotic and fun. It made me want to really learn how to ride a horse. (By the way- the only women’s team were the ones that one the two person calf tying event. My favorite part of the day was when they set up a coral with little kids, around 6 years old, and had them try to stay on the back of a sheep for the longest amount of time. Kind of like bull riding, but with fluffy sheep that aren’t far from the ground. The kids mainly fell off pretty quickly, but this one little boy held on like he was glued to it! He took a handful of wool and CLUNG the sucker. He won and it was so cute! Little cowboy hat and all. That evening my boyfriend and I went to a concert and hung out with my long time friends and we got the classic response when we told them we went to a Rodeo. Eye brow raised, skeptical gleam in their eyes. It’s like they were waiting for the punch line in a joke that doesn’t make sense. I encouraged them all to check it out sometime. I for one will be doing more things that I normally would back slowly away from. I’m in a daring adventurous mood lately. So, do something outside of the norm this week. Even if the only thing you can do is pick up a new dare say exotic, item at the grocery store. Live dangerously. Add some new spices to your life!

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