I Have Deep Thoughts…

…at the gym. I always have these marvelous thoughts at the gym. How I’m going to better my life and the world around me. Then I get home, shower, and as the sweat circles the drain so goes my amazing revelations. I feel like Pooh Bear tapping the side of my head deep in thought as I write this. “Thinking…Thinking…” Those thoughts are gone. I guess that’s just another reason to go back to the gym. Those thoughts might still be there. Probably some place between the elliptical and free weights.


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Cruise Ship Gym/I Wanna Look Like This at That Age…

…and rock it like Helen Mirren does. So while I was on my little vacation to the cold and fascinating I decided to work out at the ships gym on our first sea day. This being said let me give some very important details.
1. I’m not what you would call a fitness enthusiast.
2. We had just missed a pretty nasty east coast storm that left the sea a little…shall we say…uneasy?
3. My balance is not so good.
4. The median age on our fellow cruise passengers was 65. The MEDIAN AGE!
Okay, so now you have the facts. So I wake up and get ready. All pumped that I’ll be able to work out and look out into the vast blue of the Atlantic. Little did I know…I would be surrounded by old people. Old people that were in WAY better shape than me. So I think, “whatever, I’ll never see these people again.” So I climb onto the elliptical, my weapon of choice, and proceed to get my fitness on. About 15 minutes in, as usual, sweat begins to make my face shine and I begin to question my sanity. I could be in bed. I could be at the buffet. Instead, I’m trying to work out and stay on this stupid machine like my life depends on it. We were really starting to rock back and forth. I attribute it to getting very drunk and walking home, not safe and everyone stares…
So I’ve got the Vulcan grip on my arm swingy things and trying to pace myself when I look over at the treadmills. There are like a million Helen Mirran’s running, RUNNING, on the treadmills like it’s on flat land and they’ve been doing this everyday of their lives! Who are these people? Sea wives?
So I finish up and roll out a mat to stretch myself out. I’m a good little girl and always remember to stretch. So I’m about to sit on said mat when, wham, we hit a swell. I pitch forward and land on my hands and knees. I’m graceful like a ballerina, can’t you tell? So I hastily steady myself and begin the breathing and stretching and hope nobody notices. Riiighhttt. A Russian goddess from the dance team who is part of our on ship entertainment is sending me sympathetic looks. Well no thank you! So I finish up and head out feeling a little out of sorts and clumsy. Oh well, I got ready in my room then promptly headed to the buffet. What? I was on vacation!

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All of a Sudden I was Surrounded by Spandex and Boobs…

So last night at the gym I was pumping away on the elliptical, listening to Blink 182 (yeah yeah I know…) when I suddenly came out of a fog of work out resentment to find myself (dun-dun-dun…) surrounded by little girls in spandex! I am not what you would call a big girl, but I am in no way considered a little girl. I love my curves and the “meat on my bones” but I do have my insecurities. These were beautiful sculpted women! One of which had boobs to die for. Ladies I know you know what I’m talking about. We all check out other girls. It’s what we do. News flash guys, we appreciate a nice rack like all of you!
Anyway, I found myself even more motivated then I was before. Gone was the resentment being at the gym while Boyfriend was home all alone. I was transformed into Motivation Girl! I wanted to tighten up and loose that offensive little paunch that sticks out when I bend down, sit down, or well do anything at the moment…
I wanted to be this radiating beauty that these healthy young ladies were representative of. I want to join your club! The club where healthy women hang out and feel strong and empowered while embracing their differences. (la la land perhaps?) Whatever! Jump me into your gang!
So instead of letting my insecurities get the better of me I rechanneled them to my benefit. I’ll be back at the YMCA this evening equally as motivated as my veteran workout guru’s!

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Little Miss Fatty Pants

I’m feeling like a Little Miss Fatty Pants today. After marathon shopping with my mom this weekend I’ve learned two very important things:

1. My mom can shop me under the table hands down.
2. The older I get the harder it is to drop those 5-10 lbs.

I’ve gained weight since my boyfriend moved in. I eat more and I eat better. Though our dinners are typically on the healthier side, I still eat a lot more than I used to. Before he moved in my lunch was the biggest meal of my day. I would eat a smaller breakfast, a large lunch, and then a moderate meatless dinner. What I should have done was started working out. But I didn’t. I ate chocolate. I ate a lot of bread. I’ve had more rice in the last nine months than I have my whole life. What I should have also done was modify my lunching habits. But I didn’t.
This frankly needs to stop. My pants are tighter than usual and I can feel a slight muffin top happening! It’s freaking me out!
So I joined the local YMCA (since it’s the closes gym to our house) and plan to work out after my very busy day today. Keep your fingers crossed. Hopefully I can drop a few pounds by this weekend’s wedding festivities! The boyfriend’s Uncle is getting married to a wonderful woman. I need to look good in my dress and not like it fits me like a sausage casing. Pray for me…

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Sunday Recovery

Saturday night’s random craziness led to Sunday’s day of recovery. After three hours of sleep and a wonderful night of laughter and catching up with old friends I woke up restless and reflective. Instead of waking up my love and my house guest I took a walk on the beach in the early morning rain. At seven o’clock in the morning I walked up and down Ocean Beach reflecting on some very important things:

1. I have the best friends a girl could ask for.
2. I am the only one holding myself back from what I want.
3. Going to sleep at 4 AM should be left to twenty-one year olds.
4. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime. My love is simply amazing.
5. Walking in the sand in rain boots is harder than I thought.

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Never Too Late

So lately I’ve been feeling drained of energy. I’m stressed out at work, irritable around the people I love (sorry babe!) and just feeling blah. Anyone else feeling like that? Anyway, I’ve decided to go back to working out. I feel the best when I at least go for a walk to get the blood moving. It helps with stress, my energy level, and the size of my pants! So today I start over again. Lord help me…

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Attack of the Mid-Twenties Blues

I’m restless and ready for change. I’m ready for my career to take off, to feel fulfilled and satisfied. I’m ready to think of work as a career and not just another job. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great job. Good benefits, great boss, and job security. What else could I ask for you ask? Satisfaction. I hear the Rolling Stone’s singing about not getting satisfaction and I feel so connected to them for the first time. I mean, I literally wake up in the morning and would rather work out then go to work. I would rather do the dishes and clean the toilet then have to go to work. This is getting serious folks.
So I had a truly honest conversation with my boyfriend tonight over our mismatched dinner about how I’m feeling stuck and the directions I can take to change things. I’ve earmarked jobs I will apply for and a few more networking steps that I will take. By the way, don’t keep your latest version of your resumé only at work…you run into my predicament of having to update it and email it back to my private account. Vicious circle I tell you.
Anyway, I’m in my mid-twenties and I’m ready for it to start to really begin. I’ve got my personal life up on cloud nine so why not my career? Its time to do this for me. I’m ready to get out of the blues and back out into the sunshine.

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Non-Oral Reward

I’ve sweated my butt off. I’ve cursed the day I bought Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. I’ve given the pizza place down the street the stink eye. By doing these things. I lost 4.5 lbs in two weeks.
Not healthy pizza with the “good for you” toppings, but the cheese sticking to the pan and falling off the sides kind.
It’s no secret that when I get upset I want to eat. I want to eat everything. I want to eat the pizza for an appetizer, ice cream as a pre-dinner meal then finish it off with chinese food. This is not what I did today.
Though I woke up irritable and mean-spirited I didn’t eat. I packed a nutritious lunch. I ate the right breakfast. Instead…
I bought an iPhone.
Nobody’s perfect. At least I didn’t eat the pizza 😉

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My Biceps are Going to Fall Off

I completed Level 1 on Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD.
I haven’t been this sore since I did competitive sports in high school. HIGH SCHOOL! In a weird morbid kind of way…I like it. I feel reved and alive. Like i’m invincible or something. I feel like She-Hulk. I can toss cars aside and jump over canyons. (I won’t actually try these things at home.) I feel great. I guess my boyfriend was right. I Do feel better after working out. I DO have more energy. Don’t tell him he’s right though. I don’t want him to get a big head. 😉

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Meat Head

So I’m not a fitness fanatic, I don’t feel the need to get sweaty everyday. When I go the gym though, something changes. My competitive edge comes back.
I listen to jock jam type tunes and wiggle but to the beat on the Elliptical.
On Friday morning I went to the gym and found myself wanting to raise my arms above my head and pump it to the music. Thankfully I pulled myself together and stopped but not before the image of Brad Pitt from “Burn After Reading”, running on the treadmill doing the exact same movement popped in my head. I’ve turned into that person…

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