Some People Are Never Happy

Or they are simply happy being unhappy. Either way it is hard to be around these people. I know that at times I can be a Negative Nancy. I know that it is incredibly hard to pull your self up by your boot straps and keep going, but it still must be done.
There is a woman that I work with that is going through some hard times right now. Her kid is driving her crazy, she’s always worried about money, and lets face it…she doesn’t exactly love coming into work. That being said, being shrouded in her negativity has done something profound to me. It’s made me a more positive person.
I now see that I have a powerful tool to make myself happy and that tool is me. (I’m not a tool I’m just saying metaphorically…oh never mind…) Regardless. I need to be my own champion. I need to put myself out there. I need to see the good and the light and not the dark and gloomy.
I believe that people are put in our paths in life to teach us a lesson or help us through a difficult time. I believe this person was put in my path to give me the kick in the butt that I need to realize my dreams. I need to start working on me and what truly makes me happy. So thank you Disgruntled Co-Worker for being so miserable these last few weeks. You gave me the boost I needed. I hope I can do the same for you sometime soon.
What makes you happiest? and are you doing enough to make it happen? Get out there and live it. You never know what could be waiting around the next corner.


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And When I Grow Up…

…I’ll be a billionaire! Or maybe not. Remember when you were a little boy or girl and you used to fantasize about your life as a grown up? Do you remember spending all day on your Grandma’s tire swing pretending you were a famous singer? Well maybe that was just me…but nevertheless I’m sure you remember wanting big magical things for yourself.
I still want big magical things for myself.
Now I just have to figure out where that mysterious life path is and follow it. I feel like Little Red Ridding Hood without a flashlight or a compass and instead of the Big Bad Wolf on my heals its self doubt and monthly bills.
I’m a bit lost, a little scared, and a lot poor. I am apparently your typical American. Go figure.
So this is an open question to those of you who have found the dream, who are happy and content in the career/life that you’ve chosen. How did you know? What did you do? How did you figure out the age-old question of “what do I want to be when I grow up”? I’m serious. I want to know. I thought I knew, maybe I still do, maybe I’m just impatient? I’m thinking I need to just close my eyes and pick the name out of a hat and go with it. Career by Ouija Board…

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And…It’s My Friday…

Today is my Friday and let me tell you- It’s been a long one! I got to work a bit late this morning…I blame the alarm clock…And after running through the door of my office building sunglasses still on I frantically boot up my computer to find…nothing. I have zero new emails. Could this be right? Could this perhaps be the apocalypse? I ALWAYS have new emails. Most of which have a big red urgent exclamation point attached to them. Have I done such an amazing stand up job that everything is running smoothly? YES! and no…
Yes that there are no problems (today), no because now I have been sitting here all day surfing the internet constantly looking over my shoulder as to not get caught…
This is my Friday. I don’t want my boss to find something else for me to do. I want to sit here and be bored while I check Facebook a million times and cyber stalk my friends. So on that note I leave you. I’m going to get my nails did so I look pretty for a wedding I’m going to this weekend. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Blog Happy

Sometimes there just isn’t anything on television. These happen to also be the days that no new posts have been added to my favorite blogs. Why is it when I am in desperate need to escape myself there is nothing to effectively do so? At least it’s Monday. Everyone posts on Mondays 😉

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