Some People Are Never Happy

Or they are simply happy being unhappy. Either way it is hard to be around these people. I know that at times I can be a Negative Nancy. I know that it is incredibly hard to pull your self up by your boot straps and keep going, but it still must be done.
There is a woman that I work with that is going through some hard times right now. Her kid is driving her crazy, she’s always worried about money, and lets face it…she doesn’t exactly love coming into work. That being said, being shrouded in her negativity has done something profound to me. It’s made me a more positive person.
I now see that I have a powerful tool to make myself happy and that tool is me. (I’m not a tool I’m just saying metaphorically…oh never mind…) Regardless. I need to be my own champion. I need to put myself out there. I need to see the good and the light and not the dark and gloomy.
I believe that people are put in our paths in life to teach us a lesson or help us through a difficult time. I believe this person was put in my path to give me the kick in the butt that I need to realize my dreams. I need to start working on me and what truly makes me happy. So thank you Disgruntled Co-Worker for being so miserable these last few weeks. You gave me the boost I needed. I hope I can do the same for you sometime soon.
What makes you happiest? and are you doing enough to make it happen? Get out there and live it. You never know what could be waiting around the next corner.


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Random Friday: How Hard Is It to Get Published…

…since Hilary Duff is now on the best sellers list and James Franco is doing book readings and signings at Barnes & Noble…Perhaps they got into acting really wanting to be authors. Or maybe they are so hounded by the paps that their only outlet is writing. I don’t know but I miss the authors of yesteryear. Yes, Austen, Shakespeare, Twain, J.K Rowlings, Tolkien…

Moving on…

Why is technology so much more difficult to use the older I get? I use a computer everyday. During the week I’m at the computer all day. So why is it I can’t get my stupid slide show on my MAC to load correctly onto a disk? Am I becoming the “older” generation? The generation that just doesn’t get it? Cause I really don’t get Ke$ha but somehow I get Lady Gaga? Who is this Bieber kid (yes I looked up how to spell his name…) and why does he look like Jody Foster when she was a kid? Begrudgingly I already sometimes respond with “eh?” with a quizzical confused look on my face.
Whatever, at least its Friday.

PS- After listening to the link of James Franco reading (see above) I kinda wanna read it…Don’t judge…

PSS- I want to ask this guy to lunch and ask his opinion on how the world of celebrity has been diminished to fart jokes and nose jobs. I think he’d have great things to say…

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And When I Grow Up…

…I’ll be a billionaire! Or maybe not. Remember when you were a little boy or girl and you used to fantasize about your life as a grown up? Do you remember spending all day on your Grandma’s tire swing pretending you were a famous singer? Well maybe that was just me…but nevertheless I’m sure you remember wanting big magical things for yourself.
I still want big magical things for myself.
Now I just have to figure out where that mysterious life path is and follow it. I feel like Little Red Ridding Hood without a flashlight or a compass and instead of the Big Bad Wolf on my heals its self doubt and monthly bills.
I’m a bit lost, a little scared, and a lot poor. I am apparently your typical American. Go figure.
So this is an open question to those of you who have found the dream, who are happy and content in the career/life that you’ve chosen. How did you know? What did you do? How did you figure out the age-old question of “what do I want to be when I grow up”? I’m serious. I want to know. I thought I knew, maybe I still do, maybe I’m just impatient? I’m thinking I need to just close my eyes and pick the name out of a hat and go with it. Career by Ouija Board…

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Choose to Love not Hate

I know that normally my posts are light-hearted and silly but today I would like to take the opportunity to add my voice to the many that believe hate is not the answer. I sat in a court room yesterday, fulfilling civic duty, when I was regretfully pulled into a world of hate. I won’t go into the trial at hand because I think it will already get enough media attention that it doesn’t deserve, but the premise was that the person being tried is full of hate followed by deplorable actions and from what I can tell very little to no remorse. It honestly scared me.
I live it San Francisco. I am very aware that there is a dark and ugly world out there and like most Americans I watch the news or read the newspaper feel sympathy or even empathy then go on with my own very narrow life. Yesterday, I was pushed into the ugliness of hate and it got me to really think and look around at the world that I am apart of. I am a human being with a voice. Anyone that knows me knows that it is a loud and boisterous voice when in use. I chose to use my voice today to say that hate is not the answer.
I was picked on as a kid, not as much as some, but I was still bullied at times. It hurts. I watched kids in my classes get bullied for not having the right clothes, being poor, having an absent parent, for being a different race, or for being a different sexual orientation. I was one of the lucky ones; I was simply picked on for my height. I have quite a backbone and a solid support system. I learned a pivotal lesson at a very young age however; it hurts to be made fun of. So treat others as you wish to be treated. I know this seems tripe and silly, but honestly, try it. Next time you see someone who looks different or acts different or feels different put yourself in their shoes. Try to at least give them the benefit of the doubt.
Teenagers can be cruel and heartless, they often times don’t realize what their words really mean or the impact that they can have on another human being. Adults should know better. As an adult I have witnessed more hate and bigotry than I ever did in the halls of my high school. It makes me sick to see people who can be so close minded and filled with such hate for someone they don’t know, understand, or have any right to judge. I watched this clip late last week and it struck a chord. I’m not asking for everyone to hold hands and sing kumbaya, but I am asking that if you disagree with a lifestyle then to at least keep your mouth shut and move on. What a stranger does is none of your business. I don’t ask what you do in your home Rush Limbaugh; it’s none of your business what anyone else does in theirs.

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Random Friday

So I’m going to start Random Friday’s since my brain during this time is like a spastic two-year old. I’m all over the place. So here’s the run down on today’s randomness.
I went to the library like I do every three weeks to get books and audio books (I listen to them on my 45 minute one way commute- don’t judge.) While I was there this week I was actually pretty disappointed in the selection. So instead of getting any new audio books I grabbed a few CD’s. Mainly musicals I can sing along to and in the mix was Evita.
The Madonna version.
When this movie came out I was in junior high and fell madly in love with the drama of it and how a nation could love anyone so completely (with the few exceptions…) Anyway, so I’ve been listening to this CD for the last couple of days and of course it got me curious about the real Eva Paron so what do I do? I wikipedia her! Dude, her corps was moved a bunch of times and viewed to the public far more than necessary in my opinion. Anyway, I found this fascinating and wanted to share. Feeling the need to watch Evita sometime soon…Gotta love me some Antonio Banderas!

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Cruise Ship Gym/I Wanna Look Like This at That Age…

…and rock it like Helen Mirren does. So while I was on my little vacation to the cold and fascinating I decided to work out at the ships gym on our first sea day. This being said let me give some very important details.
1. I’m not what you would call a fitness enthusiast.
2. We had just missed a pretty nasty east coast storm that left the sea a little…shall we say…uneasy?
3. My balance is not so good.
4. The median age on our fellow cruise passengers was 65. The MEDIAN AGE!
Okay, so now you have the facts. So I wake up and get ready. All pumped that I’ll be able to work out and look out into the vast blue of the Atlantic. Little did I know…I would be surrounded by old people. Old people that were in WAY better shape than me. So I think, “whatever, I’ll never see these people again.” So I climb onto the elliptical, my weapon of choice, and proceed to get my fitness on. About 15 minutes in, as usual, sweat begins to make my face shine and I begin to question my sanity. I could be in bed. I could be at the buffet. Instead, I’m trying to work out and stay on this stupid machine like my life depends on it. We were really starting to rock back and forth. I attribute it to getting very drunk and walking home, not safe and everyone stares…
So I’ve got the Vulcan grip on my arm swingy things and trying to pace myself when I look over at the treadmills. There are like a million Helen Mirran’s running, RUNNING, on the treadmills like it’s on flat land and they’ve been doing this everyday of their lives! Who are these people? Sea wives?
So I finish up and roll out a mat to stretch myself out. I’m a good little girl and always remember to stretch. So I’m about to sit on said mat when, wham, we hit a swell. I pitch forward and land on my hands and knees. I’m graceful like a ballerina, can’t you tell? So I hastily steady myself and begin the breathing and stretching and hope nobody notices. Riiighhttt. A Russian goddess from the dance team who is part of our on ship entertainment is sending me sympathetic looks. Well no thank you! So I finish up and head out feeling a little out of sorts and clumsy. Oh well, I got ready in my room then promptly headed to the buffet. What? I was on vacation!

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I’m Back…

…and totally jet lagged. The trip was wonderful, the people interesting and fun. I ate too much and took a HUGE amount of photos (some will follow.) All in all it was a very successful trip. I fell madly in love with Boston. I love it. I want to eat it up with a spork and a paper plate. Hope everyone was well while I was rocking away on a ship at sea. Missed Boyfriend more than words and practically tripped over myself when I saw him again for the first time in 10 DAYS! Ah amore.

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I Would Put You In My Pocket

And snuggle you when I was lonely. This little guy above is kind of awesome. Kind of creepy. I like him. Because I’ll be gone until the 11th I’ll leave him with you so when you are lonely or just need a good awakening (imagine waking up next to this guy!) just open this post and think of me. Or better yet…don’t associate me with him. It could get weird…Anyway, ta-ta for now!

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I Wanna Be a Disney Princess…

…minus the crazy bad guys and mean extended family. While reading this morning I came across something that made my little romantic heart go all a flutter. New Disney Princess wedding gowns by Alfred Angelo and they are beautiful!The little princess in me screams out to wear these gowns around the house singing to inanimate objects and furry woodland creatures. But I don’t think you want me to do that…I don’t sing all that well and if I spun around in my tiny apartment I’m pretty sure these dresses would knock things off of the walls and off of shelves not to mention Boyfriend might have me committed…Anywho. Take a look at the pretty new dresses and remember back to your favorite Disney movie and what made it so special to you. Happy Hump day!

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When Is It Too Much?

So I’ve started packing for my vacation. Can you tell I’m excited? Anyway. This is the longest trip I’ve ever been on. I’ll be gone for ten days. Needless to say I’m afraid I’m not packing enough. When do you know when you have the right amount of clothes… toiletries… ear plugs (someone snores…) shoes… socks… underoos? When is it too much? I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out exactly what I’m missing. I feel like I’m forgetting something very important…I have my passport…I have my camera…I have my matching PJ set with cute snowflake designs…what is it?! Oh well, I think I’ll keep adding things until I’ve met the airlines weight limit…I can always go shopping…

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